Hey everyone!! so if you haven’t noticed i haven’t been uploading gaming content in at least two weeks ish, theirs a good reasons for this. so my internet speed SUCKS!!! and because it takes HOURS just to upload a single video. so I’ve been having to choose between content, anime reviews or lets plays, and my family also using the internet (duh) it bogs down what their doing, especially when my brother plays overwatch or any over online game.

So i am changing what anime stuff i upload on to the channel. I will be uploading just

  • First impressions (First 3 Episodes)
  • Overall Review (of the Series)
  • Random Discussion Videos

BUT i will still be doing Written Anime Review here on the Blog, every other day or so.


so i didn’t upload anything today, i don’t have a excuse other than laziness. my one true weakness. honestly i was not very motivated today, i spent the most of the day laying in bed not want to get up let alone make a video, or a blog post. I WILL BE RECORDING A BUNCH TOMORROW!  i tired of being lazy about shit i need to do!! if i want this to work I NEED TO WORK!!( i am telling my self this more than you guys) so videos will be going up Saturday.


THANKS for the understanding and the read!!



I am SeineTheBean! welcome to my Blog!! I am a Video creator on YouTube(barely), i have two channels(links above) one where i play video games and review anime and the other where i Vlog.

I am 25, Job less and live with my parents, i know a EXCITING LIFE!! I am actively searching for a job, i will  be trying to build an online audience to make a living though social media, eventually turning this blog into a full blown website.

What I’ll be posting HERE

  • Links to my Videos
  • Written Anime Reviews along side the video ones
  • thoughts on the latest video/anime trends
  •   whats going on in my life

Thanks for the read!!