(Isekai Shokudou) Restaurant To another world Episode 4 & 5 Review

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Whats up Everyone!?! So Restaurant to another world, i have to admit i love this show and its concept. its something you’d find in a DnD campaign or something.


Episode 4 – “Omelette Rice / Tofu Steak”


This episode introduces Ganganpo a lizardman from the Blue Tale Tribe and an elf named Fardania.

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The First story is about Gaganpo and how he’s is the hero to bring food from the magic door. The Blue tale tribe chooses its hero’s though a tournament to see whose the strongest and most worthy to get the food.

So for Gaganpo to order the food he must learn the SECRET phase, “Omelette Rice to go”(or something like that), because these lizardmen don’t speak the same language they can’t properly communicate with the waitress or cook. the original owner taught them that  phrase.

restaurant 0403


Now theirs not a lot to this next story about Fardania an elf. Apparently its the anniversary of her mother death so she goes out to get ingredients for her favorite meal Mushroom soup. she stumbles across the door.



So Fardania, is a vegetarian as most elfs are and explains this to the waitress in a very stuck up way. the cook ends up cooking her Tofu Steak(ewww)



She ends up loving it as every character in this show does. she also decides to become a cook herself.

Episode 5 – “Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl/Pudding a la Mode”


This Episode introduces Lionel the Gladiator slave and Victoria a half-elf princess.


The owner tells the story of Lionel, a lion man who was captured by a half-elf named Alexander and forced to become a slave in a gladiator arena. One day, the Magic door appeared in Lionel’s cell and he met the owner’s grandfather, who served him Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl despite not having any money.


Given strength by the Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl, Lionel became renewed with vigor to fight in the arena in order to earn money to pay off his tab.

Later, it is revealed the desserts menu for the Nekoya was written by a half-elf princess named Victoria, who comes to the restaurant for some pudding a la mode.


Victoria is a Extremely powerful wizard who is also trying make a magic based refrigerator to store pudding in.


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Knights & Magic Episode 4 “Light & Shadow”

Episode 4 ” Light & Shadow”

One Sentience Summary- The new mechs are sent to the research lab to be evaluated, Eru goes with them to explain whats he’s created and future plans for the mechs.

So i am still liking this anime. its fun,  its using some cliches but it works.

The episode starts with Eru and the gang trying to fix the power consumption problem. they kinda fix it but Eru thinks it can still be improved. opening

Eru also makes so improvements to the Gears(the Mech Suits) add a grappling hook and Crossbow to them. i hope to see being used in battle in the future. Eru and the Twins go and test them a little destroying what a think is their back yard. OopsLayer 3

We then cut to the class room where the teacher is explaining the world map.Obviously foreshadowing a conflict with this country Occident.

So one of the king’s advisors show up for a progress report from Eru. The advisor then suggests that they send a report to the research lab for further evaluation. the twins decide at this point to tell their dad about the New unit Eru made. the dad then sends a letter to Marquis Dixgard the head of the Lab I think? they don’t explain his job.


Marquis Dixgard responds to this letter by ordering all the new mechs to be brought to him at Fort Casadesus. where he will speak to Eru about the new units. the new units are sent off and mid way to the fort their attacked by a Demon Beast, which was lured there with black powder of some kind. The group does battle with this Shaker Worm and Defeat it easily. shaker worm

we then get a quick glimpse of the true enemy, a group called Order of the Bronze Fang. we now know that they are in fact trying to steal the new mech unites.Bronze fang

Eru and Marquis meet and Eru explains the new units specs in detail to him. Marquis then tells Eru he is taking over as head of this project, i think to get a rise out of Eru, it doesn’t work.

The Episode then Ends. so i am really looking forward to seeing the upcoming episodes. i am interested in the other counties mechs.

But hey thats it for this Review THANKS FOR THE READ!!


Hey everyone!! so if you haven’t noticed i haven’t been uploading gaming content in at least two weeks ish, theirs a good reasons for this. so my internet speed SUCKS!!! and because it takes HOURS just to upload a single video. so I’ve been having to choose between content, anime reviews or lets plays, and my family also using the internet (duh) it bogs down what their doing, especially when my brother plays overwatch or any over online game.

So i am changing what anime stuff i upload on to the channel. I will be uploading just

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BUT i will still be doing Written Anime Review here on the Blog, every other day or so.

Gamers! episode 2 Review/Discussion


I LOVE THIS ANIME!!!  Usually in anime, gamers are treated like some incredible group that lives in a completely different world from everyone else. However, as most gamers, myself included, will know, we’re usually not full-blown otaku hardcore gaming pros. This anime gets that.

These characters are just normal kids who like gaming. i like how it highlights area’s in the gaming community that’s not so often addressed, playing a game for its story or  aesthetics, and playing casually when compared to more competitive gamers.

i would Highly recommend this show to any anime fan and any gamer!!!


Convenience Store Boy Friends Episode 3 Review/Discussion

Episode Summary

       When Honda spots Miharu having a friendly conversation with their classmate Nasa Sanagi in the waiting room of a hospital, he decides to investigate Sanagi’s identity and his relationship with Miharu for the sake of his best friend Mishima. Meanwhile, Mishima gets caught in the crossfire of an argument between the track and field team and has been called to the student council room, where he is standing before third-year and student council president Mikado Nakajima and his friend Masamnue Sakurakouji alongside second-year Natsu Asumi.


This series is different from many series within this category of school life, in many aspects. Firstly the characters don´t stand out, they are not your typical “Hey its that super hot guy /girl from that super hot bla bla bla” or “I don’t need friends” , they are normal characters like everyone else.

I really enjoy this anime. in a word its “cute” and i like “cute”. i am looking foward to the coming episodes they seem to be hinting at a larger plot line involving the hospital.

So this anime is recommend!!

Thanks for the Read!!


Chronos Ruler Episode 3 Review/Discussion

oh Chrono Ruler. i am going to be honest i don’t like this anime. between the CGI which i HATE in anime with FEW exceptions, and the lack luster action scenes, i fine this very  generic. The characters are stock archetypes, the plot is cookie-cutter revenge… there’s essentially no depth to the setting or characters. Its Demon hunters verse demons.


Honestly you can give it a shot and see what you think, however, take your pick, the battle animation or the writing, both are really bad.

18if Episode 3 Review/Discussion


  The Premis of this show is that the main protagonist  Haruto Tsukishiro is stuck in the dream world, where he confronts theses “witches”, who are real girls with sleeping beauty syndrome(coma). This anime has a different vibe/tone/genre in every episode. The characters remain the same, but the world changes, as well as new supportive characters. Every episode is about our main character, helping a helpless girl who has transformed into a ‘dream witch’.


  You’ll love this anime if you like to get lost in the world/confused and see no boundaries, and have to actually think to understand, this is your anime. But, if you like to know what the hell is going on and have a sense of the world you will absolutely hate this anime for its lack background.

overall i think you should give it a shot!