Convenience Store Boy Friends Episode 3 Review/Discussion

Episode Summary

       When Honda spots Miharu having a friendly conversation with their classmate Nasa Sanagi in the waiting room of a hospital, he decides to investigate Sanagi’s identity and his relationship with Miharu for the sake of his best friend Mishima. Meanwhile, Mishima gets caught in the crossfire of an argument between the track and field team and has been called to the student council room, where he is standing before third-year and student council president Mikado Nakajima and his friend Masamnue Sakurakouji alongside second-year Natsu Asumi.


This series is different from many series within this category of school life, in many aspects. Firstly the characters don´t stand out, they are not your typical “Hey its that super hot guy /girl from that super hot bla bla bla” or “I don’t need friends” , they are normal characters like everyone else.

I really enjoy this anime. in a word its “cute” and i like “cute”. i am looking foward to the coming episodes they seem to be hinting at a larger plot line involving the hospital.

So this anime is recommend!!

Thanks for the Read!!


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